Sunday, January 25, 2015

Karaoke, tubing and studying

Hey guys!!

It's been a great week, busy, yet fun!

By the end of week 3, I've already been writing 3 essays (in 1 subject, my Grad course), handed in 1 (small) assignment, had 2 in-class tests and 1 big programming assignment is due soon. Funny, cause in Denmark I'd probably be super-relaxed cause there'd be plenty of time til the end of semester and all the projects and stuff, but in here it seems I'm studying way more that back home, even though I'm an exchange student. But so far I don't mind, cause I really like it! :)

Aside from studying we've still managed to do some other activities as well.

On Friday we had lunch with Greg (a Polish guy, leaves with us) and 2 of his friends doing their PhD's. They're all really nice, very good conversation partners. And an additional benefit - they're a bit older than most of the other people here. As they're also engineers, it was really easy to find the "common language", great! :)
We had sushi for lunch - all you can eat sushi bar and it was only 15$. Oh my God, it was heavenly delicious!!! No words to describe it, so you better enjoy pictures.
We had a reason to be happy - the food was sooooo good! Going back soon I assume.
It looked good and tasted even better!!!
In the evening we went out. Originally we wanted to go to Universities' bar, The Bomber, there was a Drag Queen show, but as we got there, we saw an big line and it was not that tempting anymore...

So we ended up going uptown. Our destination was a karaoke bar called Chainsaw (I know, right!) but it turned out to be a blast! We has some drinks including Irish Car Bomb (Baileys + Guinness served in the same way as Jägerbomb) and local Chainsaw brew and we enjoyed the music. One of the guys from our team also signed us up for a performance as well, but it took like ages (more than 2 hours) to get to the stage. And when the time was there, we figured, they allow only 5 people on stage at the same time. So some of us had to be cheerleaders from the ground. Kasia also took an awesome video of the performance, I'm not sure if you find it as funny as we do (cause it's been entertaining us for quite a bit :D ), but you can check it out! ;)
We had lots of cool people in the crew, the Austrians, some Canadians, French and Chinese = heaps of fun! At one point our French friend got a bit tipsy and started to lift people up and spin them on their shoulder (and the ones who know me, you know I like it --> the shoulder climb was quite essential while leading the pub crawls in CPH, hahaa ). But the ones who didn't like it where the security guards, so I was almost afraid we're gonna be kicked out from the place after getting the 3rd or 4th warning... :D Of course the spinning was not his only act, he also actively participated in almost every karaoke-performance on stage.
At one point, coming from the bar, I heard my name outside from our circle. I turned around and saw the Australians we live together with. Fun, there's so many places to go in this town, but somehow everybody ended up in this place!
Unfortunately everything closes at 2:00 in here, so that was the time to go home. Or start going home... Before exiting the bar we passed by the wardrobe stand, where Dan spilled his beer. The next moment I see him licking it off from the table - they have a rule that when you spill a drink, you have to lick at least 20% it. You shouldn't be wasting anything, right?!
Me and Kasia walked back home (saw some guys who were walking home 2 km's with only having a shirt, no jacket, blazer, nothing!!!). As we were a bit hungry, we had a stop over in Burger King next to our building. And the same thing that happened in the club occurred again - while waiting in the line I hear this voice in my head calling my name, I turn around and see Aussies. Not sure if it was Nokia, vodka or Burger King - connecting people. :D
Got to bed around 4 and had to get some sleep, cause the day after we had a snow tubing trip.

Max 5 people on stage... I'd say it's 5.5
So much fun!! :D

Sunday morning in our kitchen was a joke. Everybody had to get ready for the tubing trip, but were super-hungover from previous night. But we all managed to get to DC on time and be ready for the departure (with these awesome yellow school buses). We went to Chicopee Tube Park and it was so much fun!!

Even though we were still kind of tired from previous night, we had such a good time. We formulated several shapes with multiple tubes (max 10 tubes), spinning etc., tried to have a snow fight (wasn't melt enough) and felt like we'd be kids again. You could really see it from peoples' faces that everybody enjoyed a lot!!
(I'll add more pictures and videos when I get hold of them, hopefully this week)

A funny thing: going up from the hill, all of the sudden I heard from the speakers, that it's a national compliment day - you should be giving at least 5 compliments for others. Cool, this can only happen in Canada. Honestly, we did give our best! ;)
The proof of it here - National compliment day.
Good thoughts from the day - we should get a house pet for WCRI. :D Yeap. :D
Our ride. :D
On the hill. From Dan's pictures.

Panorama picture, it' looks a bit dodgy though...
The whole crew.
Courtesy to ICSN.
Ready for tubing. From left: me, Ben, Dan, Hamish, a guy from Dubai and Oliver.
Courtesy to ICSN.
From left: Miki, ?, Daniel, Victor, Kasia.
Courtesy to ICSN.
You could walk up hill or take the magic belt. The magic belt took twice the time than walking  (depending on the level of tiredness). In addition the queue for the belt.
Courtesy to Sanne.
Left to back: Kasia, Oliver, Luke, Hamish, Sanne.
Courtesy to Sanne.
The crew. Again. In different light I guess. :D
Courtesy to ICSN.
Later on we caught a pizza and went to Molly's (Irish Pub) with some UWICSN (University of Waterloo International and Canadian Student Network) girls who organized the event. It was really cool, they had been doing their exchange in Europe and one of them was actually an exchange student in DTU, so we had plenty pf topics to talk about. ;)

As you can see, plenty of things happening, even with this freezingly cold weather! :)

But now, the next week full off assignments is approaching, so, study mode ON.

Take care and til next time!

Just another example of Canadian politeness.

P.S. I hope it's ok that I use all these names and countries and God knows what other personal information, but I just think it's so much more fun to read it afterwards with defined characters. :)
In case of any complaints, just knock on my door and say something or stop talking to me. Not sure if it'd help though. :D

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